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Kickstart Your Marketing in 2020

Hosted by
Martin Bamford

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January 9th
12:30 GMT

Here is What You'll Learn

What's working now

The strategies and tactics Financial Planners can use in 2020 to engage with their ideal clients and retain their existing clients.

One simple online tool to transform your engagement

When I discovered this online tool, it transformed my business results in a matter of months. You can introduce it within your engagement ladder too.

How Financial Planners need to change

The robots are coming and they want to steal our jobs. It's the year to 'pivot' and adopt these fresh approaches, to retain a dominant position amidst the threat of AI.

How to move more quickly to engagement

Why the traditional Financial Planner sales funnel is broken. Here's a better approach to move from suspect to prospect, and then to engaged client.

How to (largely) automate your content creation

Spend less time writing blog posts, drafting video scripts and scheduling social media messages, and more time on what matters. I'll share an effective way to create and share more content in 2020.

Why clients will hire you in 2020

The biggest drivers behind client engagement this year. Understand these factors and boost your conversion rate.


About Martin Bamford

During a 20 year career in the retail financial services profession, Martin has continually pushed the boundaries of digital and content marketing.

A prolific personal finance writer and commentator, he has received multiple awards for his work, including Best Blogger of the Year and Best Social Media Adviser.

He has launched the first personal finance podcast in the UK, written several bestselling books, and directed an award-winning feature-length documentary.

While content marketing is Martin’s first love, he’s also a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, with responsibility for marketing and investment research at Informed Choice.

January 9th
12:30 GMT