An exclusive Webinar FOR EVENT ORGANISERS

A powerful way to engage visitors at your next live event

Hosted by
Martin Bamford

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June 19th
12:30 BST

Here is What You'll Learn

The Missing Piece of Your Event Puzzle

Audio podcasting is the big secret missing from 99% of live events, despite it's incredible power to engage visitors, wow sponsors and produce event longevity.

Audience Trust and Intimacy Accelerated

How getting into the headphones of your event audience in the months ahead of the big day is such an effective way to build trust.

My Comprehensive Audio Marketing Solution for Events

My complete step-by-step system for engaging your audience (plus sponsors and speakers) before, during and after the event.

How to get MORE Sponsors Signed

An advanced, hyper-effective technique that will allow you to maximise sponsorship revenue for your event, giving sponsors something they truly value.

How to 10x Your Audience Reach

Most live events are missing out on a key success ingredient; the delegates not in the room on the day itself! I show you the best way to reach them.

How to Create Event Buzz

Want to create a real buzz at your next live event? Place a recording studio on the exhibition floor and turn your visitors into VIPs.


About Martin Bamford

Martin is an experienced podcast producer, with more than 1,000 episodes under his belt to date.

He's founder of Bamford Media, the creative agency that helps drive engagement and retain ideal clients by creating innovative and authentic content.

A prolific content creator, he has received multiple awards for his work, including Best Blogger of the Year and Best Social Media Adviser.

Martin is author of several bestselling books and producer of an award-winning feature length documentary film.

He lives in Surrey with his wife and three children.

June 19th
12:30 BST